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Brand Strategy: Amazon Consumer Electronics

Brand positioning and style guide for the Consumer Electronics category at


Brand Strategy: Amazon Consumer Electronics

While working for Amazon D1, I developed a new brand for the Consumer Electronics retail category at This project was driven by a need to raise brand awareness, affinity and adoption as well as streamline user experiences for customers and vendors. As the senior copywriter and brand strategist, I collaborated with category stakeholders and creative teammates to produce actionable brand, voice and visual guidelines based on customer segments and purchasing drivers.

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The Challenge

The Consumer Electronics category at features a wide range of products—from laptops and TVs to guitars and cameras. This created a disjointed, overwhelming shopping experience. Customers visited only when they were ready to make a purchase. To contend with their brick-and-mortar competitors, Amazon Consumer Electronics needed to become a vendor partner and platform that can build aspirational brands and a go-to destination with content that empowers customers to make confident purchasing decisions. 

Selected pages from the Amazon Electronics 2017 style guide.

the Strategy

I was tasked with developing the new brand positioning, voice, and overall customer experience strategy. Working with my design counterparts, we needed to create a style guide that would work across all Consumer Electronics categories. To achieve this goal, I focused on defining customer personas that applied across all product lines.

Mockup of the Consumer Electronics Showcase landing page.

The Solution

I ran workshops with key stakeholders to identify a brand narrative, values and voice guidelines, customer personas and purchasing drivers. Based on research, we created two customer segments: Everyday (top of the funnel) and Enthusiasts (expert-level) and customer drivers that prioritized Convenience, then either Style or Performance. The visual approach utilized these customer insights to determine the right design direction by product type.

The Results

The Amazon Electronics style guide serves as an easy-to-use visual and messaging toolkit for anyone creating content—from headlines to product and lifestyle photography—within this category. You can see its influence at and on other landing pages for key Electronics product groups. Design overall is less cluttered, copy is welcoming, simple, and engaging, and the color palette creates a unified look and feel across this expansive category.


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