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Experiential Content Strategy: eBay NYC Studio

Experiential content strategy and a live-event content-programming toolkit for a collaborative meeting and innovation space at eBay NYC.


eBay NYC Studio Content Strategy Toolkit

PBJS designed and built an innovation space at eBay New York that employees and executives can use for meetings, collaborative workshops, parties and more. The eBay NYC Studio is a fully customized space packed with high-tech tools, modular furniture and relevant digital content that enables eBay to adapt their brand story for different audiences. 

To help eBay get the most out of the space, I created a content toolkit, which includes detailed floor plans, visitor journeys and content recommendations for five modes of usage, from everyday employee traffic to executive strategy meetings.

The challenge

The eBay NYC Studio was a blank canvas — with moving parts. How should meeting organizers and employees use the variety of digital screens, writable walls and modular furniture to get the most out of this truly collaborative environment?

The Strategy

To guide users of the space, we developed a content framework and strategy that supports the eBay mission to be "the world's most vibrant marketplace for discovering great value and unique selection."

The framework called for content that supports the overarching communication message that eBay offers a great shopping and selling experience that enables customers to shop with confidence, as guided by the strategic content themes of global leadership, community, impact and engagement. 

The solution

I created a content toolkit that demonstrates how to showcase eBay brand content (and partner brand content as appropriate) that supports relevant, engaging experiences for the various audiences who will visit and use the eBay NYC Studio.

The eBay NYC Studio Content Toolkit includes a messaging framework, content strategy, floor plan maps, technical specifications, furniture inventory and "Show Mode Kits" that demonstrate how every inch of the space can be used.

We focused on five modes: every day, all-hands meetings, stakeholder and influencer events, branded receptions, and strategy or ideation sessions. Each Show Mode includes a step-by-step visitor journey that imagines how eBay NYC Studio guests will experience the space, as well as recommended content for digital and analog displays. All five Show Mode Kits are fully contained, enabling users to pull out just the information they need for their event or meeting type. 

The Results

PBJS delivered the eBay NYC Studio Content Toolkit — weighing in at 170 pages — shortly after the opening of the space in fall 2015. A lighter, less detailed toolkit was also created to give a general overview of how to use the studio. 


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