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Digital Content Strategy: SightLife Surgical

Creative direction, content strategy and copywriting for the launch of


SightLife Surgical Digital Content Strategy

I was the creative director and content strategist for With my team at PBJS, we built a website from the ground up for SightLife Surgical, a for-profit subsidiary of non-profit parent SightLife, the largest global eye bank focused on ending corneal blindness. 

For wearing creative direction, content strategy, copywriting and project management hats (among others) throughout this website project, I received the PBJS Pinky, the agency's Employee of the Month award. 

The challenge

SightLife is a non-profit organization with the goal of eliminating corneal blindness through out the U.S. and world. We were tasked with helping SightLife launch their for-profit brand, SightLife Surgical with the goal of selling tissue and devices in order to create awareness for the overall SightLife mission and help fund the elimination of corneal blindness by 2040.

The SightLife Surgical website needed to provide surgeons corneal transplant services and products while reassuring donors and the corneal community that SightLife Surgical shared the same mission as SightLife — to eliminate corneal blindness — while driving innovations in research, products, therapeutics, prevention and policy to transform the corneal ecosystem.

The Strategy

What began as a five-page content strategy ask grew into a much larger project, with a main navigation and submenu structure that needed to accommodate both branded storytelling and regulatory information, as well as a UX that enabled ordering surgical devices and corneal tissue.

The client also wanted site content to emphasize SightLife Surgical's impact and dedication to innovation. Design was bold and actionable, taking cues from the new digital branding that was bright, sharp and future-forward, just like SightLife Surgical's mission.

Content maps for the main navigation menus and sub-pages, created using

The Solution

In my content strategy role, I performed a site audit and created a content plan and site structure that would serve SightLife Surgical's primary audience of eye surgeons seeking corneal transplant tissue and devices. I also designed and delivered a site style guide to ensure that after handoff, SightLife Surgical's web team understood how to write and maintain user-friendly web copy.

As a creative director and copywriter, I collaborated with our clients at SightLife to produce compelling and concise website copy while also managing visual and UX design and contributing to image programming and production, project management and client management. 

The Results was unveiled in time for the SightLife Surgical brand's debut (with a booth also designed by PBJS) at the American Academy of Ophthalmology's annual conference.  The vibrant, responsive site was immediately ready to receive orders for corneal transplant tissue and surgical devices while clearly sharing the impactful SightLife Surgical brand story.

Learn more about SightLife Surgical's mission in the below video, which I helped script. 


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